The Curriculum:

 The curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: Guidelines for Preschool Curriculum Experiences and Open the World to Learning (OWL) published by Pearson which is a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of learning. The program consists of both active and quiet play in individual, small group and large groups where teachers encourage activities and interactions that will enhance learning. Teachers assess children through observation and formal/informal assessment methods in order to individualize and expand curriculum to meet individual needs and interests.  Teachers encourage parental input in getting to know children's unique needs and learning styles.

Typical Daily Schedule:

A typical day includes free play, center work, art, sensory play, books, games, puzzles, outdoor play, music, movement activities, cooking activities, and computers. Teachers set up the environment to enhance and enrich all active learning experiences.

Preschool Goals:

1. To provide a nurturing environment in which independence is encouraged and individuality is respected. 

2. To provide experiences through a wide ranging, developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets children's needs and stimulates learning in all developmental areas and levels. 

3. To provide interactions and activities designed to develop children's self-esteem, independence, social skills, and the freedom of choice. 

4. To provide an atmosphere in that classroom which will promote respect for others and for materials. 

5. To implement the techniques of positive self-management skills. 

6. To promote and encourage self-help skills and independence in the daily routine. 

7. To be supportive of parents/guardians and encourage their involvement.