Clever: Technology Tools for Students


Clever: Technology Tools for Students
Winifred Carey


Follow the directions listed below to help your child login to their Clever account from home. Once logged in they will have access to all the we-based tools they use during the school year. 

Important:   Clever recommends having the Clever browser extension installed on the device that students will use to access their Clever Portals. While it is not required in order for students to gain access to their Clever Portals, if the Clever extension is not present on a device the user will need to manually enter their login credentials when accessing SSO (Saved Passwords) applications through Clever.


Clever supports the following internet browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Apple Safari (we support this browser for general use with Clever, but not for SSO (Save Passwords) apps, as they do not currently offer a Safari Extension) 

***Click here for information on how to install the Clever extension


  • To log into the Clever Portal, go to Holliston’s Clever login page located on the Holliston website under the Students and Families tab.

  • Student’s username is last name followed by the 

           first three letter of their first name

  • Password is hollis+student lunch number (your child’s teacher can give you this number)


**Make sure that no one else is logged into a personal email account, as this could cause a log-in error.