English Language Arts

girls reading in hallway
boys reading

Guiding Principles

An effective English language arts and literacy curriculum...

  • Develops thinking and language together through interactive learning

  • Draws on literature in order to develop a students’ understanding of their literary heritage

  •  Draws on informational text and multimedia in order to build academic vocabulary and strong content knowledge

  •  Students’ oral language and literacy through appropriately challenging learning

  •  Emphasizes writing arguments, explanatory/informative texts, and narratives

  •  Holds high expectations for all students

  • Provides explicit skill instruction in reading and writing.

  • Builds on the language, experiences, knowledge and interests that students bring to school

  •  Nurtures students’ sense of their common ground as present or future American citizens and prepares them to participate responsibly in our schools and in civic life

  • Reaches out to families and communities in order to sustain a literate society