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August 21, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I would like to officially welcome you back to school for the 2019-2020 school year.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer and look forward to hearing about the students’ adventures.  This year we look forward to continuing our innovative practices including our Makerspace for our children in Kindergarten through Grade 2, further implementing the co-teaching model in some of our classrooms, and continuing to expand social and emotional learning tools and knowledge in all of our classrooms.  Our amazing staff has been working extremely hard preparing for a successful start of school on Tuesday, August 27th for Grades 1 and 2 and on Wednesday, August 28th for Preschool and Kindergarten.  I look forward to meeting both you and your child in the near future. 

The First Week of School 

The first day of school for grade 1 and grade 2 students is Tuesday, August 27th and will be a regular school day. There is school Tuesday, August 27th through Thursday, August 29th the first week. There is no school on Friday, August 30th  due to a teacher professional development day or on Monday, September 2nd in observance of Labor Day.

Kindergarten and Preschool students will attend an orientation day on Tuesday, August 27th and will have their first full day of school on Wednesday, the 28th. Please follow your child’s Preschool or Kindergarten schedule below on the 27th:

For Traditional Kindergarten and Montessori 3-6 (both Kindergarten and Preschool), and French Immersion Kindergarten children please plan a 45-minute visit.
Children whose last names begin A – K            9:30am – 10:15a
Children whose last names begin L – Z          10:45am – 11:30am
Preschool children (except Montessori Preschool), please plan a 45-minute visit.
Children who will attend the AM session          12:00pm – 12:45pm
Children who will attend the PM session           1:15pm – 2:00pm

Where should my child go on the first day?   

There will be many staff members present to greet and guide your child to their teacher. 

On Tuesday the 27th, students should report to the following areas as they exit their buses or get dropped off:

All grades will enter through the Placentino Cafeteria.  Grade 1 students will be greeted by their teachers in the Placentino cafeteria and Grade 2 students will be greeted by their teachers in the Miller cafeteria. After the first day, students who are dropped off in the loop will sit at a grade level designated table in the cafeteria until the bell rings and will then be led to the first and second grade hallways.  Students who arrive by bus will enter the building through the front door and will go directly to their classrooms. 

On Wednesday the 28th, Kindergarten students will be escorted off the bus and from parent drop off on their first day. Teachers will meet the students outside and walk them inside through the kindergarten door and to their classrooms.

How does arrival and dismissal work at Placentino?


  • Parents who wish to walk their child to the Preschool door should park in the designated “Preschool Parking Only” spaces or parents may also park in the Placentino Main Parking Lot. Parents and children will walk along the sidewalk in the painted “safety” area to the Preschool door. 

  • Parents who choose to “drop off” their child will enter the access road from the Adams Middle School entrance and proceed to the “drop off” area.  There are 3 designated spaces marked 1-2-3 for parents to stop, exit their vehicle, remove their child/children from their vehicle, and “hand” their child to one of the preschool paraprofessionals assigned to this area. If the spaces are full when parents arrive, it is important that they stop and wait in line by the playground area until the Preschool paraprofessionals signal the next 3 cars to move forward.

  • At dismissal, parents may park in the spaces designated “Preschool Parking Only” or in any available space in the Placentino Main Parking Lot. 

  • For dismissal:  

    • Please have a photo ID with you. You will be asked to “sign out” your child and show your ID. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child please ensure a note has been sent to the school with your child, detailing who is picking up your child, and the adult picking up your child has their ID with them.

    • At 11:25am -  Parents will enter through the Kindergarten Entrance and meet their child in the hallway.

    • At 3:15pm - Parents will “pick up” their children at the Preschool door.  Please do not enter by the Kindergarten or Main Entrance doors.  

Half-Day Kindergarten

Half-Day Kindergarten pick up is located at the front entrance of the building in the Placentino School Atrium at 11:47am. Parents should “buzz” into the building via the buzzer located to the left of the front doors and wait in the Atrium for your child to meet you. IDs will be checked daily until staff members are very familiar with you and your child. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child please ensure a note has been sent to the school with your child, detailing who is picking up your child, and the adult picking up your child has their ID with them. A Placentino staff member will be in the Atrium with your child and will ask you to sign your child out in a book. After you have signed out your child for the day and made contact with the placentino staff member, then you may take your child home. 

Full day Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2

If you transport your Kindergarten, Grade 1, or Grade 2 child to school in the morning, please note that our “drop off” area is in the loop in front of the Cafetorium.  The Placentino drop off loop opens at 8:30 and closes at 8:50. If you are dropping your child off at school, please only use the drop off loop. A staff member will greet you and your child at the car and open the door for your child to safely exit the vehicle. Children attending Placentino School should be seated on the backseat passenger side of the vehicle. Please stay inside your car. Supervision cannot be provided prior to 8:30. This is a safety issue, to which we request parents adhere. All arrivals after 8:50AM are considered tardy, please park your vehicle in the parking lot and accompany your child into the Office to sign him/her in our attendance log.


For dismissal, those students who will be taking a bus will be escorted to the appropriate bus.  Students who are being picked up will be walked to the cafeteria where our “pick ups” occur and will be seated by grade. The designated person who is picking up a student should park their car and enter the cafeteria through the exterior Placentino cafeteria doors.  Please have a photo ID with you. You will be asked to “sign out” your child and show your ID. If you have a child in more than one grade, please be prepared to show your ID at each pick up area in the cafeteria. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child please ensure a note has been sent to the school with your child, detailing who is picking up your child, and the adult picking up your child has their ID with them.

Please note that parking in areas designated for “Handicapped Use” is not allowed unless you have Disabled Person plates or a Disabled Person Placard. Parking in areas that are marked as fire lanes is not permitted at any time. Our School Resource Officers enforce these parking restrictions to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we try to make this process as safe and efficient as we can. 

How do I notify the school if my child is going to be out?

The Placentino School has a "Call Back System" for when your child is absent or tardy. If you know that your child will be absent or tardy, please call (508) 429-0647. When the voicemail greeting activates, press 3 and report your child's name, teacher, and the reason for the absence or tardiness. Please report absences or tardies prior to 8:45am.  If we don’t hear from you, you will receive a phone call, email, and text asking for you to call the school.  

What food can I send in with my child?

The Placentino School classrooms are “Nut Free.” This includes tree nuts and peanuts. As you are all aware, each year we have more and more students with life threatening allergies to nuts and peanuts. Because of this, it has been decided that all classrooms within the Placentino School will be "Nut Free". All personal snacks brought into the classroom must be peanut/tree nut free, regardless of whether or not there is a student with a nut allergy in the class.  This includes not only food with explicit tree nut and/or peanut ingredients, but also those foods that contain the warning “may be processed in a facility that manufactures tree nut/peanut products.” All birthday celebrations are “food free”. Lunches do not need to be peanut/tree nut free (note: lunch prices are $3.25 for lunch (including milk)/milk cost .60 cents).

Please view the “'Recommended Foods for Classroom Distribution'” and snack ideas developed by the wellness committee.  

What events are happening the first few weeks of school?

Back to School Nights are scheduled for the following dates:

  • September 16th- Back To School Night (for parents/guardians) Preschool and Kindergarten- 6:30pm-8:00pm

  • September 18th- Back To School Night (for parents/guardians) Grades 1, 2, & Montessori 6:00pm-8:00pm  (this will include a presentation from our unified arts staff at 6:00pm (PE, Music, Art, Science, World Language, Library/MakerSpace) 

Each of these evenings will begin in the cafetorium and conclude at approximately 8:00PM from your child's classroom. This will be an evening for parents to meet the classroom teacher and learn more about the curriculum and expectations for the year.  We expect to have full parking lots, please utilize both the Miller and Placentino parking lots. 

School pictures will be taken on Thursday, September 19th

This summer you should have received an email from noreply@noreply.powerschool.com with the heading Holliston Public Schools Returning Student Forms for (your child’s name). This form is for ALL students, including those who are entering their first year at Placentino. Please make sure you have filled out and submitted this form.  If you have not received this email please contact Maureen Ohnemus in the Placentino office at 508-429-0647 x1202 or by email at ohnemusm@holliston.k12.ma.us

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I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, August 27th. Enjoy the remainder of the summer.


Jaime Slaney

Principal Placentino Elementary School