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Curriculum Series

A+ Math             This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

AAA Math          (K - 8) - Hundreds of pages of basic math skills .  The site 

ABCya All of the games and activities were created by teachers for kids! Activities are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way to learn. **

Ask Dr. Math  (K - 12) - Students may ask Dr. Math questions to help them with their math assignments.  An archive of past answers to questions is also included.

Basket Math Interactive Learning      K - 8) - Score a basket every time a question is answered correctly in a variety of math categories.

Aunty Math         Math challenges for K-5 Learners

Base Blocks Subtraction National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Cool Math 4 Kids   An amusement park of math and more -  It is also a place to find a calculator when you have looked all over your house and can't find one.  *

Cool Math Sites    (K - 12) - A collection of interesting activities and puzzles. 

Count On             Math activities and games for all ages

  Counting Fun          Count on to 100!**

Create a Graph     (K - 12) - Students are able to create their own graphs online.

Eduplace              (K-5) Kids games and activities by Houghton Mifflin

Fact Monster    (K-12) Games, quizzes, homework help. *

Fun Mathematics Lessons           Find a collection of Math Lessons from pattern blocks, fractions to cartology all created by a math teacher

Fun School          Interactive activities organized by grade level *

IXL - Math Practice Fun!  PreK - Grade 6

Harcourt School Publishers: Fun K-5 Kids games and activities by Harcourt Brace

Math Cats          A land of creative, open-ended math explorations!

Interactive Math Games  Fun math games for all levels

Money - Let's Compare- Money **

 Just In Time     Interactive games and printable materials

Multiplication      Techniques, tips, and secrets used by master teachers.

Numerical Order

Skills Tutor- is an online math enrichment program that can be done at school and at home.

Learning Planet       Fun learning activities, educational games, printable worksheets and interactive quizzes.

Olivia Octagon-Patterns**

Money   A collection of interactive websites about Money

Primary Games  Tons of fun activities organized by grade level and subject area. *

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives    Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM standards for grades Pre-K - 

Purpy's Shapes - Help Purpy find his favorite shapes**

Prongo                  Educational games to help children explore their young minds and exercise their imagination. 

Rainforest Math - Interactive Math activities for grades K-6

Telling Time - Resources            A collection of interactive websites about teaching time

SuccessNet      Log-in website by Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley
Log-in Procedures

Toftwood's Math Games (K-3)lots of great math games for younger students

The First Grade Backpack         A collection of math websites

Tux Math Math Facts **
(Free Download)
How many? Which item doesn't belong?
How many fish? Subtraction Harvest
Garden Patterns Building Sandcastles
How many fish? Balloon Pop - number order
Bug's Shoes Spring Flowers
 Subtraction Harvest Quick Math
Olivia Octagon-Patterns Animal Lost and Found
Find a Friend I Love Shapes
2D Shapes Shapes!
Count the Animals in the Ocean Olivia Octagon-Patterns   
 Fun with Numbers Missing Number
Bananas in Pajamas Pajamarama Bounce
Number Bingo Fuzz Bugs
  Number Square

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Reading and Writing

Animals in the Ocean Animal Ocean Game
Animal Matching Games Mrs. Ahern's Website

Bananaboo!     An activity center for kids ages 4-8

Beginning Phonics     Listen to the beginning sound that you select and find the pictures that start with that letter.

Beverly Cleary Visit the exciting world ofBeverly Cleary. Meet all the characters from her books, and play some fun games

 Billy Bear         Online games and Alphabet fun

Childrens Story      Story tellers read aloud fairy tales. Follow the words or simply listen. 

Eduplace              Wacky Web tales - Fill in words to make up silly stories on the web

Enchanted Learning           Great stuff for all ages!

Giggle Poetry   Hundreds of poems to read and rate!

Kids Space        Kid's Space has stories and art for kids

Kids Castle        Smithsonian Magazine's Kids castle

Little Fingers Software  Download trial versions their software and play online games 

My Skills Tutor      Log-in Based website -Over 1500 basic skills lessons 

PawPark Alphabetizing** Alphabet - Starfall

Poetry Express      You can make, revise, share, and publish poems.

Poetry 4 Kids   This site makes poetry fun for kids

Primary Games Tons of fun activities organized by grade level and subject area.

Read Write Think  Great resources in reading and language arts instruction

Scholastic          Find your favorite characters, great teacher resources and fun games for kids.

Spelling City  Makes practicing for a spelling test fun!**

Time For Kids   Inspires your kids to read and succeed!

 Starfall              Books games and activities for emergent and beginning readers**

Story Place Online stories** StoryLine  - Select a book and have it read to you**
Word Turtle Tikatok - Create a Book
Read Write Think - Comic creator Little Bird Tales
Make Beliefs Comics Magnetic Poetry
  Reading and Writing Favorites
Read Write Think - Word wizard The ABC Toon Center
Cookie Monster Clifford's Books
Parts of Speech Phonics Fun
Match of Mystery Gus and Inky Underwater Adventures
Reggie the Rhyming Rhino Make a Word
Cookie Monster - Letters Story Starters 
Sight Word Bingo Ocean Animals
Turtle Diary - Learn the Alphabet Phonics Match
Upper Case - and Lower Case Fishing for Phonics

Fishing for Phonics

Phonics Memory

Upper Case and Lower Case Matching




Listen and Read; Animals and Food  
 Enchanted Learning         Great stuff for all ages!
  Enchanted Learning - Solar Systems
Cool Science for Curious Kids Activities that get kids excited about Science!

NASA Kids Club    Games, Activities, NASA Kids Club

For Kids Only         NASA Earth Science Enterprise

National Geographic for KidsAnimals, Photos, stories, kids games and more

Net Smartz Kids Teaching kids about Internet Safety

NIEHS Kids Page National Institutes of Health Department of Health & Human Services for Kids


SCI-4-KIDS          Interactive site sponsored by USDA 

Scholastic    Science Explorations

Score Science - Kids Corner     Great Science Websites by Grade level

Science News for Kids     Science news, activities, games and puzzles Sound Sites             A great collection of sites on the science of sound

Solar System Resources A great collection of Solar System Websites


PBS Science Games Beetle Buster

Dinosaurs for Kids

Dinosaur Movie

Dinosaurs - Discovery Channel

Natural History Museum - Dinosaurs






Under the Sea                   

Animals in the Ocean

DiscoveryKids - Jimi Rock Under the Sea Enchanted Learning
National Geographic Marine Animals
Ocean Animals - Learning Games Sea Animal Classification
Something's Fishy  

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Social Studies 

Dr.Martin Luther King Resources        A collection of great sites on Martin Luther King Jr.

Constitution Day Resources      A collection of sites which explore Constitution Day

Native American Resources       A collection of great sites on Native Americans

Veterans Day Resources A collection of sites for Veterans Day

A Place for Kids!   A fun site with world and ecosystem information

 Inauguration Day Resources  A collection of sites for Inauguration Day

Country Reports  

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French Websites

Literacy Centres French - Literacy, math, shapes and  alphabet games

Up to Ten Games for kids (French and English website)

Radio-Canada for Kids Various games for all different levels including arcade games, sports, puzzles and much more!

Language Lab Speak French with Roller and his friends.

Caillou  Simple games from the popular TV show with great graphics.

Carmen Campagne- Interactive Website.  Sing songs read books with Carmen.

Télé-Quebec – Zone de jeux pour les petits



ithaki for Kids        Helps you to find the best sites just for kids

National Geographic for KidsAnimals, Photos, stories, kids games and more

KidsClick                         Web Search for Kids by Librarians


Super Kids                     Kids directory

Little Explorers           A picture dictionary with links

Worldbook Kids
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Yahooligans                    The Web Guide for Kids 

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